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Where Technological Breakthrough meets Innovative Intelligence Gathering Techniques & Integration

Unified Global Intelligence provides a sophisticated multiplex of corporate and private contract intelligence services to both private & public sector organizations and government agencies across the global marketplace. The founding partners of our agency have a vast level of experience within intelligence community and are uniquely equipped at creating a careful balance between verifiably effective intelligence gathering practices and cutting-edge technological resources. In addition to deploying our arsenal to modern tools, our advanced skillset and momentum of action allows us to far outpace our competition.


Cyber Security Protection

Principles of cyber-security protection techniques have certainly evolved a great deal over the previous few years in both the governmental and corporate marketplaces. As our experts astutely recognize, the cycle is almost endless as risks to those protection procedures also become more complex.

SIGINT Collection & Analysis

Signals intelligence collection can be performed from a variety of platforms, and our team of highly skilled experts has the knowledge and understanding required to leverage these various platforms together in an effort to create a clear and concise SIGINT information package for your next mission plan.

Secure Data Transmission

Our SDT services are a key capability that a number of both our private and public sector clients have come to trust for their mission critical projects. Our highly experienced team of experts will coordinate uplink or downlink via satellite the data you require for mission success.

attack drone collected

Drone Threat Mitigation

We have come to understand that any space accessible via drone requires a comprehensive counter-drone protection plan to detect and mitigate all potential airborne threats. As a general rule, if you can see the sky, you need to assume that a drone can see you and both the public and private sector should assess the potential threat and create a plan accordingly.

Search & RECON Drones

When lives are on the line and time is short, we meet the need. Where distances are great and the terrain is rough - we meet the need. Via small UAS systems, UGIC gives our clients the potentially life saving information they need to attain mission success. When it matters most, we provide our clients with the intelligence required to meet the needs of the mission.

LiDAR GIS Mapping

UGIC places the RAW power of cutting-edge and mission critical LiDAR mapping systems right at your fingertips. Our experts keep pace with LiDAR innovations such as multiple intensity returns and increased pulse repetition rates to produce increasingly accurate and cost effective topographical maps and stunning 3D imagery.

HUMINT Collection & Analysis

According to a recent estimate by the National Security Council, over 100 countries currently conduct ACTIVE intelligence operations against the United States, its Allies, and a large portion of its corporate and public utility infrastructure. UGIC employs a veteran group of highly trained HUMINT operators and Counter-Intelligence analysts at the ready to assist your team during your next project! Contact us today to learn more!

Mission Risk Profile Analysis

UGIC can create careful and deliberate risk analyses that can be deeply integrated into the intelligence cycle allowing for the production of terrorism threat assessments and warnings prior to active operations, cyber defense profiles to aid in the protection of customer data as well as corporate risk profiles to assist in the proper planning of effective loss prevention strategies to mitigate direct loss to the bottom line.

Force Protection Services

UGIC employs a veteran team of elite personnel capable of deployment at a moments notice - virtually anywhere in the world. Many of our clients utilize our FP Services to guard against terrorist threats or protect critical infrastructure. Our professionals stand ready to serve the needs of both our public and private sector clientele. Contact us today to learn more about our vast array of private Force Protection Services.


Innovative Intelligence Solutions

Our Experts realize that you maybe in need of a unique & innovative solution to your mission critical needs, that is why our team members are always prepared to assist in determining a proper solution that suits the needs of your mission operators and the requirements of your project budget - on scale and ahead of budget.

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